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Trusted and loved by leading organizations

Everything you need to know about your SharePoint intranet

SharePoint Vitals gives you instant answers to the who, what, when, and where of your SharePoint intranet. It tracks and analyzes SharePoint user activity, then gives you the insights you need to optimize your intranet better.

Screenshot of SharePoint Vitals analytics
"Vitals takes care of our SharePoint usage monitoring and reporting. A well presented tool!"
Marco Barresi, MPact
"SharePoint Vitals accelerated our SharePoint implementation and helped us monitor adoption of our intranet site."
Elizabeth Oliver, Mutual Housing California
"We rely on Vitals for SharePoint to give us the insights we need. We're no longer flying blind."
Bryan Kimmel, Consolidated Power Projects

Improve SharePoint governance, adoption, security, and compliance.

Your SharePoint intranet is used by real people. SharePoint Vitals shows you who they are, what they're doing, and how you can improve their intranet experience.

Weekly e-mail reports

Begin the week with your key SharePoint metrics already in your inbox.

Page load times

See which users and pages are experiencing the slowest (and fastest) load times.

Search insights

Find out what people are searching for, then optimize search settings and promote specific terms.

Top 10 dashboard

Everything you need to know at a glance. Top sites, most active users, page hits, and more.

Location usage map

Keep an eye on the locations that users are accessing your SharePoint sites from.

Current and historic data

Discover trends in SharePoint usage by analyzing historical site and usage data.

"With Vitals, we're now able to find and fix issues in SharePoint even before users report the problem to us."

Bryan Kimmel
CIO at Consolidated Power Projects

Easy to install

Takes just 2 minutes to set up, no tracking code required. Installation is quick and simple, and we're here to help.

Built for cloud

Access your SharePoint usage reports from anywhere in the world, on desktop or on mobile.

Supports all major versions of SharePoint, and more

SharePoint Vitals works with SP2010, SP2013, SP2016, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams. SharePoint 2019 support coming soon!

SharePoint analytics the easy way.

Simple to set up. No credit card required.