Active Documents aka Popular Documents

A report that shows the most active documents aka popular documents within a SharePoint farm.  This report was created for several reasons, the obvious one is to analyse what the most important documents in the organisation are based on usage.  This information can assist in migration preparation, document governance or changing a document into a record.

Active Documents Screenshot
SharePoint Vitals Active Documents Screenshot

The other is that this functionality is available in Delve for Office 365 already, not to the level of detail as Vitals, but never the less available.  This is not available for any on-premises users with Out of the Box features which is the reason we added this feature to Vitals. Now everyone can analyse their Active SharePoint documents.

How to view active documents within SharePoint has become that much easier with Vitals Active Documents per user report.  Filter by user, document or site to narrow down exactly what report you are looking for and export to excel if needed.

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