SharePoint Vitals Office 365 Audit Log – Expected Permissions Issue

Connecting SharePoint Vitals to your SharePoint Online Office 365 tenant is a fairly straightforward procedure. 

Vitals connects to Office 365 Audit Logs, which ensures that every click is recorded and analysed to give you a full in-depth experience.

However, there is one small issue that some of our client’s experience from time to time.

“The permission set () sent in the request does not include the expected permission.”

If you do experience this issue whilst trying to connect to the audit logs, there are three possible reasons and fixes.

  1. Ensure you are logged in as Global Admin for Office 365 Tenant.
  2. You may be logged in as another user on another browser.  Simply log out all accounts, close your browser and open it again and this time log in as Office 365 Global admin to continue.
  3. Open up a Google Chrome Incognito or Internet Explorer Private Browsing window and log in using Global Admin to continue.

We hope this helps you get SharePoint Vitals for Office 365 setup in a quick and painless way.

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