Audit Reports for SharePoint Online

If you try and view audit reports for SharePoint Online you may get an error that looks like a little like this.

audit reports sharepoint error message

I know right, all you wanted to do was get audit reports for SharePoint Online and see who was doing what on your SharePoint site. You followed the instructions below.

Step 1 – Site Settings
Step 2 – Site Collection Administration > Audit Log Reports
Step 3 – Content Activity Reports > Content viewing
Step 4 – Select a location and save

customize report sharepoint

Sorry, something went wrong This report contains no data. Please ensure data for this report is being captured by the current audit settings. It may also take some time after audit settings are changed for events to surface here.

This is the bad news, if you wanted those reports you are out of luck, they are gone forever if you got the above message. You have not switched on Site Collection audits on and need to complete this before you do anything else.

Step 1 – Site Settings
Step 2 – Site Collection Administration > Site collection audit settings

configure audit settings sharepoint

Think that’s it now you are done? Nope, one more switch to flip my friends.

Step 1 > Switch on auditing and go to the audit log here

If all of this is overwhelming and you would rather it be easier.

Download SharePoint Vitals

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