Deploy Vitals with PowerShell

This script is recommended to all users who have an on premises deployment of SharePoint and would like to activate Vitals on every web application and site collection within their farm the easy way.

The Vitals PowerShell install script will do the following:

Run through each web application listed, and each site collection in the web application.

  • Deploy SharePointVitals.wsp (if not already deployed)
  • Activate the solution, if not already activated.
  • Update the licence file to add your unique Vitals key

To complete the installation download and edit the Vitals PowerShell script. Edit the file names ‘vitalsinstall.ps1’ to add your unique Vitals key and specify the URL’s to deploy to.

Save it in the same directory as the .wsp file and run it (.\VitalsInstall.ps1)

Download the PowerShell Vitals package

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