SharePoint Vitals releases a game changing update

Have you ever sat frustratingly thinking about how your company can be so much more than it currently is. That it is not reaching its full potential? That there is a world of opportunity waiting on the horizon?

Have you ever asked yourself: how can my company take the next step? 

Technology has made the world a smaller place. It is now possible for a South African company to do business in another country without even meeting with business partners face to face.

It is even possible for a company to do this in the native language that the business partner transacts in, and you don’t even know the language.

Introducing the Google translator plugin.

Now you can use SharePoint Vitals in any language that Google has to offer. Simply look out for the language selector and choose a language. Just like that, the plugin will translate the dashboard.

A game changer

“This is a major game changer,” said GTconsult CEO, Bradley Geldenhuys, “in a constricted economic climate, companies are either expanding their business into international markets or are looking for ways to diversify their income. In the past, this was only possible if a company was interacting with business partners that would have a common business language. Sharepoint Vitals has really upped the game and made it possible for companies to access the platform in their native language. Language is not a hindrance anymore”

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