SharePoint Vitals unable to gather analytics for SharePoint Online Modern Experience

Important Update: Vitals now works with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has rolled out their new modern experience which effect sites, library’s and lists,  which gives the platform a new look and additional features.  This release however caused SharePoint Vitals (And all other 3rd party apps) an issue where we are no longer able to gather analytics from the page since we are using SharePoint Framework Extensions explained here. Recently there has been no way around this other than to disable the Modern look and feel and return to the classic look and feel.  Step by Step guide to do this for all site collections can be found here. This month Microsoft announced that a preview version of the SharePoint Framework has been released which will allow us to develop the changes required and update SharePoint Vitals to gather analytics for these sites, lists and libraries once again. We are currently working as fast as possible to get these updates completed and rolled out to our valuable SharePoint Vitals clients. We will personally email you once we have managed to work out these changes on the Office 365 platform and the SharePoint Framework preview and get your analytics rolling again.

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