What browser do SharePoint users prefer?

This is a tricky question because its not a cut and dry answer, SharePoint users may prefer to use a specific browser for SharePoint but this may not be a recommended browser and therefore their experience may be limited.

I do however believe the users will not switch browsers simply because a website recommended another browser, the website in the user’s mind should accommodate the browser and not the other way around.  And once a user is forced to open a new browser they are not familiar with they already not going to be delighted with the experience.

The big requirement is to then understand what browsers are being used in the organisation and ensure for functionality across those browsers and/or put in place a governance policy that dictates the browser/s of choice and what will be supported.

Vitals Browser Report
A Report that indicates SharePoint user preference towards browsers for the platform

With Vitals Browser report, this is a great way to understand what browsers are being used in the organisation and how to assist internal policy and development requirements.

As you can see in our report above this specific organisation Chrome beats Internet Explorer as the most preferred browser for SharePoint.

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