Where are your SharePoint Users?

In our digital world collaboration, no longer must take place in the confides of a meeting room or face to face in an office.  We can use Skype for Business and SharePoint to remotely collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world safely, securely and productively.

I find it important to know where people are working from not only to better understand their experience with working remotely, for better improvement of those systems but also to ensure we align on time zones and availability.

SharePoint User Location Report

The Geo-location report from Vitals shows us a breakdown of where in the world users are accessing SharePoint from and leveraging this information one can assist with company culture, user experience and overall understanding of what one’s users expect from a company’s SharePoint investment.

An unexpected additional benefit from knowing where in the world your users are accessing SharePoint from is security.  Check out the geolocation report from vitals to tell you who, when and where people are accessing your SharePoint site from.

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