Use Vitals To Optimize Your SharePoint Experience

1. Page Hits

Understanding which pages are visited the most will give you an idea of where most of your SharePoint traffic is routing through.  This is very much the same as our morning comsharepoint traffic page hitsmute to work, most of us have to go through a few high traffic areas to get to our destination, which means we can utilise these pages to our advantage.  Utilising top visited sites to advertise internal company news, policy changes or internal job postings is a great way to assist with change management or boost internal company communications.  Have a look at your most visited sites and think about what you could advertise to start taking advantage of the prime intranet real estate now.

tip.pngBe sure to take a note of the traffic before and after to your advertised page to see your results and then compare these results to your business goals and their results.

2. Visited Sites

Sites are a collection of pages, lists, libraries and applications and utilised in harmony to enable teams to be more productive.  Well, at least that is the theory and the best way to discover the reality is to navigate through the most automation visited sites popular sites and get a feel for the how the site is being used.  The idea would be to ensure the site works as well as any auto manufactures assembly lines, everything has a place and everything in its place.  Checking out Visited Sites will give you an idea of how much sites are used and what they are used for on a day to day basis.

tip.png Optimising these sites will undeniably increase the overall experience of each SharePoint site and in turn increase ROI and overall company performance.

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