What is the difference between SharePoint Vitals and Google Analytics?

1. Google Analytics does not collect or display usernames

This is one of the major downsides of Google Analytics, and it’s in place for a reason and cannot be worked around. The main reason for this is that Google collects anonymous data and is therefore unable to collect usernames based on privacy law. SharePoint Vitals does not operate on anonymous sites and therefore is allowed to capture user information based on corporate contractual terms and conditions.

2. Google Analytics uses Analytics data to make money

Google does provide you analytics for ‘free’ but uses that data to make ads more effective, and provide ads of activity to advertisers. Just check out their terms and conditions here https://www.google.com/policies/privacy/partners/. Do you really want Google to have all the internal traffic of your SharePoint site? SharePoint Vitals does not use any of the gathered information from your environment for anything other than what you request from it.

3. Google Analytics deployment is not straight forward on SharePoint

Unlike an easy to deploy Sandbox Feature with Vitals, Google Analytics requires code snippets to be inserted into every masterpage of your entire farm manually.

4. Geolocation in Google Analytics is not as good

SharePoint Vitals provides details down to the internet breakout of the user, which is as accurate as law allows. Google provides only user province/state location. Vitals will also provide the username, time and site the user accessed, Google does not provide any of this.
5. Google does not have a complete Site Map report

Vitals has an awesome Site Map feature, showing who has done what throughout all SharePoint sites in your farms. Google has ‘Users Flow’ but this is nowhere near what Vitals Site Map provides.

6. Automated Reports

Google does provide some reporting, however Vitals reports are far more in depth with more relevant information regarding SharePoint usage.

7. Google Analytics is designed for public facing websites

Most of the features are to gather information around users for commercial reasons and not for adoption, user experience and operational features like SharePoint Vitals does so well.

8. No Top 10 Dashboards

Google does not have the ability to show Top 10 users, sites, pages, slowest and fastest users. Vitals has a dashboard page for this specific requirement

9. Google owns your data

Google owns all your data and there is no way to get it back. Vitals will gladly provide you with your all time data on request.

10. Vitals shows document usage

Google has no document usage options as it only tracks page and site hits.

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