Who watched what?

Have you ever spent a huge amount of time on creating a video to train, inform and teach colleagues about something very important to your business?  I know I have, it’s a great way to educate people in this modern era where attention spans compete with gold fish and A.D.D is everywhere.  A great location to store this video is also in SharePoint and then add useful links to relevant content to promote further learning.  However, one important part of this entire magical process is missing, who watched the video, and how long did they watch it for, right?  Previously one would simply have to hope that the video was viewed and everyone was enlightened and life was this Utopian world where everything you created was consumed and understood in full.  The reality is sometimes the complete opposite hell on earth where the only person to ever watch the content is you and your mom.  Vitals to the rescue, with our new Video reporting feature you can see how many users viewed the video and how long they viewed it for.  Bug people to watch if they haven’t and ensure you get that content to the people that matter the most.  If you really want to get fancy use our page clicks to make sure they followed the additional content links on the page but we will save that for another time.

So with that, don’t be afraid any longer that your video content is going unseen, make sure you get the adoption you want and leverage Vitals to get the job done 😊

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